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"Coveting Contentment" by Bob Donohue
Date: 2016-10-09
Text: Exodus 20:17
Series: Exodus
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2016-10-09 • Bob Donohue • Exodus 20:17
The evil of discontentment is rooted in discontentment with what God has given us. It’s a vertical vs. horizontal problem.Coveting is both pervasive and covert.

Complaining → Comparing → Coveting

1. The Sin of Coveting

Coveting always looks away from what we already have.

Bob recalls a picture from his childhood of four cows in four pens, each eating the grass of another.

Luke 12:15

2. The Secret of Contentment, Phil. 4:10-13

You were made for one thing: To know and desire and revel in the greatest greatness in the universe, which is Jesus. – John Piper (paraphrase)

Discontentment was the very first sin.

Phil. 1:6. The secret of contentment is knowing that God is sovereign.

Rom. 8:28. If you have been reconciled to God through Christ, then God is working all things for your good. He is not working to hurt or punish you, but to change you because He loves you.