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"Father Figured" by Bob Donohue
Date: 2017-06-18
Text: Hosea 11:1-11
Series: Father's Day
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2017-06-18 • Bob Donohue • Hosea 11:1-11
1. Tender, Hos. 11:1-4
2. Tough, Hos. 11:5-7
3. Torn, Hos. 11:8-11

God is angry ultimately not against His children, but at our sin. He is angry at what keeps us from Him. He’s angry at these idols, and He is going to do something about it.
    This is what a father does: He acts. A father is moved, not just in his emotions, but he gets up, protects, delivers, and saves. This “lion” (v.10) has done just that — “and I will return them to their homes, declares the Lord” (v.11b ESV).