"Orthodox Affection" by Bob Donohue
Date: 2017-01-08
Text: Rev. 2:1-7
The Revelation Letters

2017-01-08 • The Revelation Letters • Rev. 2:1-7

1. Superintending Savior, Rev. 2:1

(a) He speaks; “The words” (ESV). “The return address on this letter is the throne of God.”
(b) He holds us in His hands; the stars.
(c) He wars on our behalf. He is not distant, aloof, or unaware.

Rev 1:9-16

2. Doctrinal Dogmatics, Rev. 2:2-3,6

The Ephesians were commended for holding to the truth of His word.

The Nicolaitans were syncretistic with (they combined God’s word with) the idolatry and immorality of those around them.

3. Love of Love, Rev. 2:4

Jesus didn’t wait until the last day to warn the Ephesians. Do you see His love in that?

The primary work [for the Church to do] in Revelation is witness. Our passion must lead to proclamation.