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"Pleading for Presence" by Bob Donohue
Date: 2016-12-11
Text: Exodus 33:1-17
Series: Exodus
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2016-12-11 • Bob Donohue • Exodus 33:1-17
1. Stripped Down Sorrow, v.4-6

God’s angry response to their sin is not like that of a volatile, abusive father. His response is because of His holiness, and it is loving.

Sin pushes God out of our lives. As in other relationships, conflict creates distance.

Gen. 35:1-4 presents an association between jewelry and idolatry, which may be reflected in what is occurring in today’s passage.

Are we okay with the benefits of the kingdom of God, but without relationship with God? Too often we are. Assess what you spend your time upon.

The Israelites are beginning to want God more than their possessions. They know they would be truly alone without Him. Israel was learning to grieve not over the loss of Egypt, but over the loss of God.

2. Face to Face Friendship, v.7-11a

The tent of meeting was like a pre-tabernacle.

John 1:1-5,14; 2 Cor. 13:5; 1 Cor. 6:19

God is closer to us than He was to Moses.

3. Pleading for Presence, v.12-17

At first, God promises to go with Moses, but not with His people (the word “you” in v.14 is singular). Moses protests as if He didn’t even consider God’s offer, and in a way that expresses his identification with God’s people.

What is the distinguishing mark of our church? It is not our pastor, worship, or ministries. It is the love of God upon us.

God responds to Moses’s protest because Moses had found favor in His sight (“you” in v.17 is also singular).

We have a better advocate with the Father than Moses. Because of God’s acceptance of Jesus, God the Father now goes with us. And Jesus continues to intercede for us.

When God thinks of you, He rejoices with the joy that He has in His own Son.

The Israelites did not reject what had been won for them by Moses.