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"Revealing Wrath" by Bob Donohue
Date: 2017-06-04
Text: Romans 1:18-23
Series: Romans
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2017-06-04 • Romans Series • Rom. 1:18-23
1. Why God’s Wrath is Being Revealed
2. Ways Man Suppresses the Truth
    A. Ingratitude
    B. Idolatry

One of the reasons Paul wrote his letter to the Romans was to establish credibility with them, hoping that they would support him in his mission to deliver the gospel to Spain. An unexpected consequence is that we now have, in this letter, Paul’s clearest explanation of the gospel.

If you don’t think you’re that bad, you won’t appreciate what Christ has done to rescue you from an eternity of misery. You won’t be affected.
    This is where unbelief actually starts. It’s not with questioning God’s love, but with doubting your sin and the wrath of God it deserves.
    If you don’t get that God shouldn’t love you – because you don’t love Him – then grace just will not be amazing. If you’re not that bad, then He can’t be that angry, and the crucifixion won’t really convince you of His love. So circumstances will become the measure of God being for you or against you.
    But if you will agree with God that it would be completely just and right for you to receive the full of His holy wrath, then the gospel would become the sweetest, most revolutionizing, life-giving, securing reality to you!

The troubles of this life are actually God’s mercy. They are foretastes of His impending wrath, and expressions of His care. He’s threatening us in an attempt to avert us from infinite, irreversible destruction.

When scripture says that God can be known through what He has made, the accent in scripture is usually on the sky. The primary revelation of God’s greatness is the sky. It is “above us”, and everyone has access to it – unlike other glorious things in creation like trees, mountains, etc. You could be live in Garbage City in Cairo, look up at the sky, and your conscience will say clearly that there is something greater than you.