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"The Spirit Mindset" by Bob Donohue
Date: 2018-05-27
Text: Romans 8:1-8
Series: Romans
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2018-05-27 • Bob Donohue • Romans 8:1-8
1. The Source of Sanctification is No Condemnation, v.1-4

Now this is breathtaking. If we could believe it, practically, morning till night deep in our souls – if this truth that God is only for us and not against us, and that he is for us with almighty mercy and omnipotent assistance all day and all night, waking and sleeping, Oh how differently we would live and sleep! What freedom! What a joy! What a peace! What a risk-taking boldness! What a fearlessness! What a sacrificial life-style of love and service and mercy! What a patience! What a serenity… we would have. — John Piper

2. The Strength of Sanctification is a Mind Set on the Spirit, v.5-8