The Need

There are currently 300-400 inmates serving time at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center. Furthermore, in the nearby cities of Culpepper and Mitchell, there are hundreds more who are serving time and are in need of knowing the grace of God. These figures do not include the need at the Loudoun County Juvenile Detention Center, as children serve out sentences for crimes they have committed, with the hope that they will learn the error of their ways. The problem is even more significant when you consider the National Institute of Justice reports, over 75% of those who serve time in prison will be arrested again within five years of their release. Government policy will not solve this problem. These inmates have a spiritual problem that must be addressed by the Body of Christ.

Grace Community's Response

Considering Christ’s recorded words in Matthew 25:31-46, we cannot neglect those in prison, as that equates to neglecting the Son of God. Currently, we are planning to partner with Prison Fellowship in order to conduct Bible studies, which will be both evangelistic and discipleship focused, as well as trying to mentor inmates. As a mentor, you are expected to befriend, pray with (if applicable), and possibly provide guidance on various aspects of life, such as finances, jobs, education, etc. The areas that are in immediate need of volunteers are Culpepper and Mitchell, which are approximately 45 (Mitchell) & 80 (Culpepper) minutes away from Ashburn, and this will call for a once a month commitment. We will work with Prison Fellowship to try to gain entrance to jails in Loudoun County as well, but in the immediate months to follow, they are fully staffed with volunteers. Additionally, Thomas Black  is in the process of gaining access to the Juvenile Detention Center, as his research has led him to believe this area of need is not being addressed by anyone. Prison Fellowship requires the completion of their training curriculum, as they want to ensure all of those serving in this capacity are prepared for the realities of this ministry. More information will follow as it is retrieved; however, be praying about the opportunities that God has currently given Grace Community Church, and how He might use you to spread His glory to those who are incarcerated.

"if the son sets you free, 


John 8:36

"And who is my neighbor?"

Luke 10:29

Below are the specific areas the Mercy Ministries Team at Grace Community have been led to focus on. If you believe the Lord has gifted you and is calling you to pour your life into one of these areas, please contact Thomas & Lauren Black through our Contact Page.

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