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"Come Out of the Tomb" by Bob Donohue
Date: 2018-04-01
Text: Matthew 27:33-28:10
Series: Easter/Resurrection Sunday
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2018-04-01 • Bob Donohue • Matthew 27:33-28:10

The effect in [Christ] is the measure of how seriously God takes our rebellion and crookedness. We typically wish to make light of our ‘shortcomings,’ to explain away our ‘mistakes.’ But God will have none of it. The refusal of humanity to bow to the Creator’s rule, and our insistence on drawing up our own moral codes that pander to our lusts, are not shortcomings or mistakes. They are the stuff of death and corruption, and unless someone can be found to stand in our place, they will see us impaled on the swords of our own making and broken on the racks of our own design. But someone has been found. Someone has taken on himself the results of our rebelliousness…   — John Oswalt