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"Power from On High" by Jared Mellinger
Date: 2018-02-04
Text: Acts 4:23-31
Series: n/a; Guest Speaker
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2018-02-04 • Jared Mellinger • Acts 4:23-31
3 Marks of a Spirit-Empowered People:

1. Prayerful dependence upon God in all circumstances
2. Repeated fillings of the Spirit for life and witness

“The humility of the Spirit in relationship to the work of the Son is not a reason to inquire no further about His own person and character. After all, if we love a modest person, we want to know all we possibly can about that person and to praise him or her! Similarly, the ministry of the Spirit in honoring the Lord Jesus simply underlines the responsibility of the church to know the Spirit, love the Spirit, and adore the Spirit for who He is.” — Sinclair Ferguson

3. An active pursuit of the manifest presence of God

“We are ever in danger of attempting to tame and to institutionalize the Spirit. By contrast, the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements have correctly perceived that, by and large, the activities of the Spirit in Luke-Acts are a matter of immediate perception; the self-manifesting presence of God. Activities are characterized as of the Spirit largely when they break out beyond merely human possibilities.” — Max Turner