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"Tabernacled Among Us" by Bob Donohue
Date: 2016-11-27
Text: Exodus 25-31
Series: Exodus
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2016-11-27 • Bob Donohue • Exodus 25-31
You’re on a journey…

1. The Structure, Ex. 25:10-22

a) the ark of the testimony/covenant, referring to the tablets inside; the cover was called the “mercy seat”, as in the seat (location) of power
b) the table with twelve loaves of bread to be eaten at the end of the day in the Holy Place
c) the candlestick/menorah burning brilliantly in the Holy Place, more brilliantly than anything they’d ever seen (like heaven) by reflecting off the gold implements

2. The Sacrifice

a) the altar of bronze
b) the basin for cleaning

Exodus 29:43-46. Jesus is symbolized not only in the sacrifice, but in all of the elements of the tabernacle.

3. The Sabbath, Ex. 31:12-14

You’re on a journey to find a place of rest.

1 Peter 2:4-5,9. Here we are the temple. We are heaven on Earth. The Church is where the presence of God now dwells.

The structure was the cross, the sacrifice was the Son, and the sabbath rest is observed by the Church.